22 February, 2021

Things to learn from Best Yoga Sites

Yoga has now taken over the internet to spread its goodness all over the world. It can sometimes be very challenging for practitioners to find the best yoga sites. If you are a beginner, make sure to look for a site that takes you through beginner yoga asana. It is crucial to master the foundational posture of yoga as they help in building strength and endurance. 

Basic Asanas (yoga posture) and their benefits for a beginner –

  • Lay down on your stomach. Feet together
  • Hands below your shoulders.
  • Then lift the upper body and try to push your upper body backwards with your hand’s support. Make sure to keep your elbows straight throughout the posture. 
  • Hold the posture for some time and then again slowly lay on the stomach. 
 Benefits of bhujangasana –
  • Triceps becomes stronger. 
  • It opens the chest muscles  and improves breathing 
  • It makes the spine healthy and flexible
  • Strengthen lower back muscles

  • Sit on the mat
  • Make your back straight. 
  • Stretch out your legs and point your toes outward
  • Bend forward, bring your hands down and touch your toes and hold that position for some time
Benefits of Paschimottanasanarq –
  • Improves  flexibility
  • Stretches hamstrings  
  • It opens up the hip muscles 
  • lengthen spinal cord
  • Lay down on the yoga mat, with hands-on your sides and feet together
  • Then slowly lift your chest and legs upward from the mat and stretch your hands towards your leg. 
  • Your eyes, toes and fingers should be aligned in one line.
Benefits of Naukasana
  • Tightens abdominal muscles
  • strengthens shoulders
  • Strengthens upper back
  • It helps the practitioner to restore the body balance
  • This yoga posture replicates a tree. 
  • Stand straight, place your left foot firmly on the right leg thigh.
  • Keep the right leg straight and try to find the right balance.
  • Raise your arms over your head
  • Join your palms together and try to hold this posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute
Benefits of Vrikshasana
  • This posture improves full-body balance.
  • Strengthens legs 
  • Strengthen the  back muscles
  • Stand straight on the yoga mat. 
  • Heels slightly apart from each other.
  • Arms by your side
  • Slowly raise the heels and again gently lay them back on the yoga mat. Repeat the same action for some time.
Benefits of Tadasanas
  • This posture helps practitioners to experience steadiness and calmness.  
  • Broadens collarbone 
  • Elongated neck

These are some of the very basic yoga postures which you will find in the best yoga sites. Initially, you might struggle between breathing the right way and holding the pose, but slowly, you will catch up with the flow. Moreover, the posture might seem complicated and make you sweat and grasp for breath, but once the session is over, your body feels relaxed and relieved from all the stress and exhaustion. Start practising yoga today, and soon you will find yourself looking for an opportunity to get your yoga mats out more often. 

Some may find yoga slow and tedious in such cases; you can join power yoga classes that follow a high-intensity workout routine. Yoga has a vast domain, and everyone can find a form of yoga that they enjoy doing.

Practising yoga is more than just getting in shape. Yoga is a holistic approach towards your own wellbeing. Yoga helps you take a deep dive within yourself and heal yourself from the inside out. Yoga has such profound benefits because it’s more than just practising physical postures. It also involves meditation and breathwork ( pranayama ). So go ahead, check out some of the best yoga sites. Pull out your yoga mat, put on your favourite workout outfit, play a piece of soothing music and start practising yoga.