1 April, 2021

Want to spend quality time with your family? Sign up for a family yoga class!!

Yoga is a beautiful way to spend time with your family. Doing yoga with your family is fun and engaging and brings your family closer together. Yoga can help you bring out the creative spirit of your family members. If you are planning to take part in family yoga, there are many places where you can look for this option( online/offline)

Things you need to remember while taking part in family yoga class; 

It is essential to have fun, and practising yoga with kids is fun and exciting. You can laugh and giggle through the process with your kids. Be more experimental while trying out different postures. While you are helping your kids practice yoga, give yourself and your kids and sometimes so that they can explore the benefits of breathing techniques and meditation.  


There are many possible ways to maintain a regular yoga routine at your home. You can sign up for the online class like best yoga for family. These online classes will help you to learn about the poses you can try with kids. Having an instructor by your side in the beginning days is better as the guide through the process. Having an instructor will also help you to incorporate the habit of yoga into your daily life. 


While practising yoga at home with your kids, it is essential to create a space that will be free of distractions. It should have enough space so that everyone can move around freely. 

These are some of the fundamental things that one should keep in mind before starting family yoga. 

Ten easy Yoga postures you can practise in family yoga classes. 

These are beginner-level primary yoga postures; these postures are suitable for both beginners and advanced level practitioners. 

  1. Warrior 3 pose 
  2. Frog pose
  3. Happy baby
  4. Double boat
  5. Double downward facing dog
  6. Starfish on a rock
  7. Cat Pose
  8. Hero Pose
  9. Upward Salute
  10. Locust Pose

Health benefits of practising yoga your family?

Practising yoga is always beneficial whether you practice with your family or not, but practising yoga with the entire family will help the whole family grow healthy together. Below mentioned are the most discussed health benefits offered by yoga. 

  1. Fosters Mental Calmness
  2. Teaches Better Breathing
  3. Prevents Back Pain
  4. Supports Joint Health
  5. Improves Balance
  6. Increases Muscle Tone
  7. Builds Strength
  8. Improves Flexibility 

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years. Still today, no one knows about the exact origin of yoga. It is believed that it originated somewhere in the Asian subcontinent. The first mention of yoga was in the book yoga sutra. Before then, this tradition was passed down for generations, but there was no written proof. In the beginning, yoga was mostly practised by saints and sages, but today yoga has spread all over the world, and everyone enjoys the benefits of yoga. Today globally, millions of people take up yoga classes online on a daily basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You and your family can join this global community by starting your yoga workout at home

Family yoga is something new, and it has recently gained popularity. This yoga practice gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your family. It is vital to spend time with your close one as it provides us with a sense of warmth and safety. I hope this article has convinced you so far that family yoga is something worth trying. If so, get your yoga mat, put on your favourite workout clothes, play some soothing music, and start practising yoga with your family.