13 January, 2021

What is Yin Yoga?

There are so many different types of yoga, it can be hard to know where to start. Vinyasa? Bikram? Iyengar? It’s all very confusing. 

There’s one type though, that is very different from them all, and that’s Yin. Yin yoga is a very slow-paced, restorative practice, with an emphasis on alignment, and postures that are held for up to five minutes, which allows your body – and mind – to relax and surrender into poses.

Is Yin Yoga uncomfortable? 

Many people avoid Yin as they find the long holds uncomfortable – but that’s kind of the point. Yin encourages you to sit through the discomfort without fidgeting, and is a great mind trainer, helping you deal with other discomforts in your life. However, if you’re in pain in a posture, rather than just uncomfortable, you should back off.

* online Yoga impacts stress level, flexibility, energy level, attitude, emotions, body aches, and ability to sleep.

* Yin Yoga is a gateway to strengthening mindfulness and creating a formal mediation practice.

* You develop a mind-body awareness beyond expectation.

* What you learn and do on your mat will carry over into your life off the mat.

* No one is too inflexible for Yin Yoga.  Everything can be modified!

* Runners and cyclists experience a love/hate relationship with Yin.

* Yin and yang are in us all and we have to find our balance.

* Someone always falls asleep and that is ok.

What are the benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin works different parts of the body to more vigorous forms of yoga. Yin gently increases flexibility as it targets the (usually stiff) deep connective tissues between the muscles, whereas other forms of yoga class online work with the more pliable muscles. So you’re getting a completely different kind of a stretch. The practice is a form of meditation and helps you learn how to surrender – not just on the mat, but in all areas of your life. It’s a great tool for those with anxiety, as it encourages you to sit with yourself. Different emotions are stored in different areas of your body, and yin helps to release these trapped emotions, which may make you feel sad or joyful during the practice.

What should I wear? 

Unlike other forms of online yoga class where you’re building heat in the body, you won’t generate heat internally during Yin. This means you should wear layers to keep warm – think cozy sweaters, long-sleeved tees, and soft, snuggly socks. You can get away with wearing looser clothing in Yin, as you’re not moving fast enough to trip over your own trousers, so you can wear soft harem pants or yoga trousers – or just stick to your trusty leggings.

When should I do Yin yoga?

Yin yoga shouldn’t be seen as an either/or to regular yoga – it complements other types really well due to it working different parts of the body. It’s good to do Yin when the muscles are cool, like first thing in the morning, or before a more active yoga practice. This is because if the muscles are warm and active, they’ll take the tension of the stretch, and we want it to go to the deeper connective tissues. You can also use it as a relaxing tool, and do it right before bed. 


If you’ve had a busy day, or been traveling loads, Yin is perfect to balance out your body. If you’ve been sedentary all day at a desk, it would be better to do a more active practice, to keep you balanced. Enjoy your Yin yoga, guys!