Marketing Your App in the Digital Era

After successfully completing all the stages of app development, its time to move on to app marketing! With just a few tactics and strategies properly implemented, app marketing can multiply the downloads and engagement of an app, ten times over in a short span of time. Mobile businesses and entrepreneurs rely on app marketing to stay on top of their game in the app market, to attract more customers and maximum discoverability. In this piece, we’re going to cover a few of these app marketing strategies used by many app marketing companies and app promotion sites that have been used to change the way apps are seen by potential users.  

app promotion sites
app promotion sites

Now that we know that great functionality paired with a great app idea is not enough, how can we go about to market the app? To do so, it is important to understand the strategies behind marketing apps, which are used by many app promotion sites and companies these days. We’ve gathered the four most popular ones here! 

  1. App store optimization (ASO): used to increase visibility, ASO happens to be the most effective means of app marketing. With the help of keywords and other strategies, ASO helps you optimize various features of your app in order to make it more welcoming to potential users. The various features include – title, description, subtitle and more. They also optimize app visuals such as screenshots, demo video and icon. ASO can help a developer choose the best captions for his app and localization, too, which are very important for better app discoverability. This strategy has a long list of advantages, all directed towards better user retention and increased users.  
  2. Researching the market and competitors: one of the most crucial steps to marketing anything is to know your audience and competitors. With regard to your audience, you can find out what they like, dislike, what they engage with the most, their sentiments towards certain things and how they respond to prompts. Other findings in market research are related to how you can categorize your audience, whether it is based on their hobbies, lifestyle, interests, occupation or education level. This can help app’s make more relevant content to get their audience to engage with them. Now coming to researching competitors – it is a great way to see what they offer, how well they perform, what marketing strategies have worked for them and why they are popular. This, not only helps you gain your competitor’s users and retain your own but can also help you stay ahead of them. 
  3. Make your app visible everywhere: Google says that your app will reap more downloads when people see it more often on the app market or on the Internet.  Advertisements, SEO, and ASO help your app with its visibility. But another way to take this strategy forward is by using content marketing! Content marketing is another way to draw users to your app by publishing content about your app via blogs, articles and YouTube videos. 
  4. Social media: the use of all social media platforms rises each year and would definitely be a wasted marketing opportunity if not used properly! Social media like Facebook and Twitter has helped many app-based businesses and companies to expand their customer base, direct them to their apps and also, to communicate with them and solve issues. Social media can also be a great platform to release teasers and other exciting content to get your audience prepared for what you have coming for them. Now, to get a little more technical with it, social media also contains huge masses of data related to users’ interests, likes, and dislikes. This information can help businesses make more targeted content and advertisement to gain better engagement from their following. 

It is possible for an app to face some issues with visibility and growth, from time to time and that is completely normal! We’ve noticed that one way to combat these problems is by using app marketing, which is practiced by so many app promotion sites and companies. App marketing can overcome many issues faced by apps if it uses updated strategies and keeps changing along with the dynamic market around it.

Why do we need ASO companies?

 Along this journey of digitalization, apps have been able to do everything for us. With close to 5000 new apps releasing each day, the app market sees a variety of apps that satisfy all kinds of needs there are! Craving something sweet but don’t feel like going all the way to the restaurant? There are food delivery apps for that! Need to send money to your relatives all the way across the world? There are money transfer apps for that, too! The app market has a bizarre side to it as well, where one can find apps that translate babies’ cries and even ones that detect ghosts lurking in your homes. In total, there are 5 million apps on the market and that just means 5 million opportunities for app store optimization companies to cease! 

Now, you might be wondering – what does this have to do with any app store optimization company? Imagine if you had a unique idea for an app and went ahead and created it, too. After putting in a lot of hours on making a beautiful UI and making sure it functions seamlessly, wouldn’t you want more downloads and better rankings for your app? Making your app available and free on the market just isn’t enough to attract more downloads. You need your app to be visible, discoverable and ranking high for potential users to download your app. And that’s exactly where app store optimization companies come into play! They help you target the right audience and bring them over to your app. This can lead to an increase in organic downloads, better rankings and overall satisfied users. 

Before any further questions, let us go through some of the major advantages ASO brings to every app it touches: 

  1. High rankings: app store optimization services can help an app developer improve his rankings by optimizing keywords, visuals and other factors. This draws more users to the app and puts it high on the charts. 
  2. Increased downloads: after optimizing your keywords, your app becomes more visible to potential users! This leads to more and more downloads that are brought in, organically. 
  3. Eliminate competition: in order to stand out in a crowd of apps similar to yours, your app needs to be optimized. An app store optimization company can provide you with many services that help you steer clear of your competitors. 
  4. Profits: you will definitely see your profit slowly increasing as your app brings in more and more downloads each day with ASO. 
  5. Visibility and discoverability: finally, the most important benefit you can reap from ASO services is of increased visibility and discoverability. This means that people are highly likely to see your app before other competing apps, making yours the first to download.

In conclusion, ASO aims to bring organic users to your app. In other words – it brings the right users to the right app. By doing so, the app not only performs well but it also becomes more discoverable to more such users. You might’ve read this numerous times but it is important to remember that ASO does not occur overnight. It requires a little time, a lot of patience and attention as it is not a “one-time effort”! Although app store optimization requires a bit of time to kick-off, once it does you can see drastic changes almost every day. So, what are you waiting for? The time to optimize your app is now!

Significant Strategies For Improving Your Mobile App KPIs

App Store Optimization is getting popular in the new-age marketing world for allowing mobile apps to take the attention of more influential audiences. If your app is lacking conversions and retention, it can be easily assumed that your app store assets are not optimized to the fullest. Developers and marketers are going for various ASO strategies for improving app store rankings and thus to gain better ROI. In order to rank higher in the app store you need to include well researched and structured keywords in the app store metadata fields. The app store algorithm keeps on indexing this fields to rank your app on the app store.

The Impact of Positive Ratings and Reviews

The reviews and ratings that users given for your app are as significant as its app store ranking. New visitors directed to your app through app store searches and other off-page campaigns will get to check various user reviews, to understand how good your app is for installing. Reviews and ratings will have a significant role in increasing the installs and monetization of your app. There is a growing trend among app marketers for listing their app on search ads so that there will be a leap in the download rate or buy ios app reviews. Search ads are effective for making your app visible on location, language and category specific app store searches on a cost-per-install basis.

Many app marketers are seeking experts to buy google play review from real users in their target locations. In this way, your app will be getting the desired number of organic reviews within the timeframe and schedule you decide. App review campaigns can be an effective source of authentic and trustful feedbacks that convinces most of the potential customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketing of an app doesn’t get fully accomplished by optimizing the app store assets and the reviews. In order to make your app stand out in all realms of online marketing that your target will be looking on. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are utilized by many app marketers for showing up their app to specific users who are most likely to use your app. App marketing is vital for every brands and organization to connect with the end-users in a real-time and impact for faster business conversions. Marketers who are focusing to monetize more from their app has to improve the user experience along while optimizing the app store assets and marketing with other off-page campaigns. Users should get a fresh feel each and every time they visit your app with personalized user experience, features, and services.

There are several effective ways for maintaining higher retention on your app. Push notifications features are one of the effective ways for impacting users to retain on your app. By checking your app analytics you will be able to identify which page or element is making users drop or uninstall your app. In-app marketing the ultimate KPI will be accomplished by users turning out to be your marketers by giving positive reviews visit , suggesting to friends and sharing your marketing campaigns on their social profiles.

Learn Smart not Hard with Extramarks – The Learning App

There are many ways of learning, some students just pick it up from textbooks and classes, but few there are a few concepts or courses that need special attention. Extramarks offers many courses on varying topics. It allows you to take private study into topics quite similar to topics you need to learn to get great academic credentials.

The classes with Extramarks are not only educational but also fun, because of this students will have a new way of learning the concepts that they have a hard time studying for. With a great quality of the videos, they are responsible for providing a good platform for students to access the videos easily and whenever they want to. And let us see what makes Extramarks one of the best educational apps.

Intuitive and Quick Learning

You can enjoy the ease of using this app for your study time. Most things work fluidly, and being able to learn online is a huge plus. The course content is helpful for the students from all the classes and the ways of learning are excellent. The tests are simple, efficient and direct which is suits for all the classes from KG to grade 12. If you need any help with certain subjects to enhance yourself and to help prepare for an exam, also do you want to crack the Common Proficiency Test (CPT)? then this is one of the best learning apps which provide the solid CA foundation for you in the market. 

Boosts One’s Confidence In Learning

The modules on this app help to build your confidence and will no doubt help to improve your grades; which will propel you towards your goal of graduating with very high marks. The classes are easy to sign up for and complete. It is easy to navigate to review a video or test you already took. The content of the classes is anywhere from KG to the K-12 level. Many concepts are purely based on the NEET exam for you to learn all the concepts before you take it. If you signed up for a class that you are not ready for yet, you can switch to a later session or unenroll from the class at any time which is unique from all the other apps.

Best in Class Education

Extramarks is one of the best online learning platforms. Study apps like these provide the ability to do tests and quizzes which evaluates your level of understanding and help you learn better and more efficient. The app provides the ability to watch and rewatch the required videos and take notes, which is very helpful when you are preparing for competitive exams like Jee Main and AIIMS exam. It is a learn on-the-go app. It is the best NCERT solution app which also covers all the topics of the NCERT books. You can listen to videos on your smartphone. Extramarks have helped thousands of students to get a great education and a great opportunity for everyone. 

This Education app has everything a student needs from KG to Grade 12, from solutions of all the subjects from KG to Grade 12 to customized tests that helps you prepare for exams like IIT JEE, there are many apps associated with Extramarks to help you study and evaluate your performance on the go. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a UPS Battery Saver

Power backup has become very important these days for most of our work to run smoothly without any kind of interruptions. It is very difficult to even imagine a life without regular power supply. Therefore these days everyone buys a UPS battery saver. But, it is not enough if one simply buys a power backup. It is also necessary to ensure that one buys the right UPS Battery Saver. Therefore here is a guide for choosing the right UPS Battery Saver.

The following are some of the features of a good UPS Battery Saver.

Replaceable batteries

The batteries of a home UPS Battery Saver should be fit in such a way that it is replaceable by the user itself. It can be very time and energy consuming to get the batteries replaced by the manufacturer. 

Have an automatic voltage regulator

Voltage regulation is one of the important reasons for which most of us would want to use a UPS Battery saver, Therefore it becomes the primary requirement of any UPS.

Must have power conditioning system

The power conditioning system is a system that protects your electronic items to be damaged by any kind of power surges, power sags and variations in voltage. Thus, one must always buy a UPS which has a power conditioning system.

LED wiring fault indicator

A UPS battery trolly must surely have an indicator of false wiring installed in it. This indicator must be such that an LED light appears whenever the UPS is connected to a faulty wire.  This is one of the very basic criteria to be fulfilled by a UPS Battery Saver.

An automatic self-testing system

A UPS must surely have an automated self-testing system. There must be periodic tests done by the UPS to ensure that everything is safe and in the right working condition. This is also one of the basic features any good UPS Battery Saver possesses.

Smart Battery management

Good battery life is always expected out of a good UPS. Therefore, An intelligent battery management system is a very essential part of a good UPS Battery Saver. The battery must last longer. Both the performance and the life of the battery must be maximum. This is one of the most essential features one must consider while buying a UPS. 

Give predictive notifications of failure

A good UPS must detect any kind of failure of power and must be able to give prior notifications. This is one of the advanced features of a good UPS Battery Saver. Only good brands of UPS have this advanced feature.

Intelligent battery charger

Another advanced feature of  charges the battery a good UPS is having a  150 ah battery charging system where the device analyses the temperature around and charges the battery accordingly. It also regulates the voltage according to the battery temperature. 

Thus the above were some of the important features a good UPS Battery saver must possess. If one considers all the above features before buying a UPS, the UPS will surely last longer and give good results.


Evolution of Editing Videos and Movies

Let’s kick it back to the days of Kinetograph, an innovative camera. The first ever motion picture was done on film, using this Kinetograph made by Edison and Dickson. It was edited by cutting up pieces of the film that were not required and putting together the other required parts with tape. This invention from Edison’s lab was used to capture things like natural calamities, news events, people and other generic things. Since then, things slowly started changing – then came colour film, editing machines, computers, movies and sitcoms, The Oscars and lastly, smartphones and apps. Today, we live in an era with digital cameras, printers and editing software that we can get a hold of very easily. In this article, we shall go through the different ways everyone is editing content using video makers and editors. 

With so many video making and editing software available online, the Internet has so much to offer for someone interested in making short montages, clips and even movies. Gone are the times when you would require a bulky video camera to do that! We have smartphones and digital cameras to make that easy for us. With smartphones in the picture, it means an endless list of video maker and editing apps on the app market. All you need to do is search for the word ‘video maker’ and you get over 300 results that have so many features. To give you an idea of what these apps are like, you can make videos and clips of pictures from your gallery, select your choice of music to play in the background, add a few lines of text, determine the length of the video and take control of the special effects you want to add to spice up your video. You can even easily share these videos to your social media or even your stories and status on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook! It totally eliminates the need for a computer and having to wait for the video to transfer from one device to another. 

If you’re someone who can’t wrap your head around editing software, video maker apps are the way to go! With many features, you will never get tired of making videos and sharing them with your friends. If you think about it, it’s also the perfect way to make posts for birthdays, anniversaries or to just showcase your recent trip! 

News On The Go

With the coming of the smartphone era, we have most of our lives stored in our phones in the form of apps, videos, and pictures. The fast-paced lives of everyone around the world indicate that they demand services to be quick and efficient. One of these services is the news! News channels and newspapers are now slowly stepping into the digital world, making their own news apps with an endless amount of content, prepared to keep any kind of audience engaged. Not to mention that this is a great way for news companies to reach out and expand their audience, across seas and in various countries. 

An ideal news app would be one that covers trending news in every category, from fashion to politics and even sports and weather. There should be endless categories in a few different languages in order to be welcoming to different audiences. Getting back to how busy everyone is in today’s world, news apps are also shortening every article to about 50-70 words.  Another exciting feature that we’ve lately been noticing in some of the popular news apps are introducing news in the form of audio and video. So for everyone making excuses to read the news, now you can listen to it or even watch it! News apps with such features are perfect for anyone – students, parents, teachers, engineers, and the list is endless. In a world where we can share anything with a click of a button, news companies have also started to add sharing features to their apps. All of us can find time to use such a useful news app to catch up with the latest happenings, trends, and affairs happening around us. 


One such app that I came across recently, that also perfectly fits this description is Shortpedia! As the name suggests, it is a news app that displays all the latest and trending news across categories, in a summarised manner. Available on for both, iOS and Android, it has a wide range of categories in Hindi and English to choose from. This is great because they can reach to a huge audience that speaks both the languages or just one of them. Along with the audio and video news feature, the best part about this app is that each news article is just 70 words! Trending subjects, business news and political affairs are all so easy to share with friends with just a click of a button. 


Once again, technology has outdone itself and our excuses to not read the news have officially come to an end. It is time to get updated the easy way, with news apps such as Shortpedia! 

The Working of App Store Optimization Companies

Apps have become an integral part of our lives, we use them from the second we open our eyes to the moment we finally put it away and go to bed. We use them to set alarms, to make grocery bills, for delivery services and to even track the number of steps taken per day; the app market has an app for everything and more. With a count of 2 million apps across 6. Keyword used: Top ASO Companies different application platforms serving every need that exists, app store optimization has become more and more important. With this overwhelming number of apps, it is challenging for an app to stand out. This is where app marketing companies and their services come into the picture.

Image result for app marketing companies

It is said that one out of every four smartphone users discovers apps on their own by surfing and scrolling through their phones’ app store. This makes details about the app like its logo, description, and reviews more crucial than ever. ASO has taken the number one priority in the eyes of app creators and businesses as promotions and advertisements across various websites are just not enough. Let us dig deeper into ASO and ASO companies and understand its importance.

Along with the crazy number of apps available to the world comes the rise of ASO companies across the globe. The simple objective of these companies is to optimize the app, which is basically to improve the visibility of an app by the means of using the right keywords and other factors. To help app creators reach out to their potential audience, these companies provide services that make the app more searchable and interesting to look at. While optimizing an app, companies keep these key factors in mind:

  • App name: an app is more likely to pop up if it contains a keyword. All it takes to be noticed is to include the keyword in the app’s name that leads being noticed by users and your target audience.
  • App logo: visuals make up a part of a user’s decision making. The app’s logo is the first thing that is seen by users and it is important that it makes a strong impression in order to be further clicked on and downloaded.
  • App description: after a long research on keywords related to your app, it is important to make a convincing and descriptive write up on it. There are always some users who wish to know exactly what an app does, how it compares to others, its additional features, etc… and these lines are there for them to understand the app better.
  • App category: in this element of ASO, your app is given a category based on its main function. This can improve rankings and can be inviting to more people to download it.
  • App Screenshots: the screenshots section is like a small preview of an app and it is the best way for users to see what the app looks like, what they are getting out of the app and other features inside the app. This again has much to do with visuals and must be impressive and eye-catching.
  • Localization: something that is often ignored by many companies, but is very important to gain customers across the world. An app can be used by every smartphone user in the world if it is available in all languages. This is a way through which the app can reach customers all way in Mexico to Japan, tapping into a bigger audience.

With these 6 vital factors in mind, ASO can take any app from zero to hero! It is also important to keep in mind that, app creators and businesses must embrace the challenges that come to them and solve them with data-backed solutions. This way, growth and progress are a given, especially in the vast market of apps.

ProtectStar – Apps That Suit All Your Security Requirements

ProtectStar – Apps That Suit All Your Security Requirements

People in any profession sometimes have to send passwords or confidential documents to their colleagues or clients, be it any business, the need for a secure way of communication is very crucial. Sending passwords have not been that easy because of the basic fear factor we all have. Before all the security apps we’d use email like – the next email from me will contain only the password in the bossy and will have the subject ‘fantasy football draft pics’ method or any other conventional. Protectstar has given a far superior way to send those passwords and confidential information.

What are some best security services does Protecstar provides?

Encrypted Texts and Information

Anyone would really like the ease of use and practicality of not using regular phone messaging that creates long strings of messages that have to be deleted individually when they include a couple that wants to be saved. Protectstar Team has the best app for both Android and iOS devices that suit right for their functions. You find no crashing, no glitches. Once it is set up, the App works as advertised. This app is great! So far from what I’ve experienced from this app, it has been a great tool to be able to message people confidential information. I highly suggest this app to anyone who wants to be able to send messages that are confidential to other people. A lot of us don’t want encrypted messaging applications to “do” or “say” something bad, nor wrong. Be it for anything, Protectstar has it even iOS Data Eraser. You want an application that will allow you to express your thoughts and feelings without fearing someone may misinterpret the communication, Protectstar is that app.

Secret Vault for all your Confidential Stuff

Get the best app to hide and secretly store all your data. Not expensive to upgrade and easier to access now that it allows for the fingerprint to unlock. Overall it’s great and easy to navigate. I love how it allows you to upload things and then delete them from the phone with one click, but you have to remember to remove things from your “recently deleted” folder as well – just a tip. This is an excellent tool to safeguard your photos and videos and whatever that you wish to keep private, also Wipe Mac, shred data, hide data and much more with the help of this app. It is very easy to use and effective.

Protectstar gives the best app to store my credit cards and my site passwords. I discovered I could do both with this password-protected app. Very easy to use and private. A great place to keep important papers and numbers I need quick access to.

Shredder to Wipe it All Off

We all have wondered how to Securely Erase a Mac. Protectstar offers the best app to easily erase and shred all the sensitive data that you don’t want. It is easy to use and setup. Protectstar does an excellent job of removing securely any file that you feed it. It runs smoothly and disposes of file quicker than “secure empty” in Finder. It simply works as advertised and I would recommend. It removes files quickly and completely in a very secure manner. The proof is in running a file retrieval program afterward to see if they really were removed. Protectstar is a nice little shredder program performs the job well.

Protectstar is easy to use and works well. Does what it says it will and gets out of your way. Protectstar has the best software for computers too, the Windows File Shredder helps to clean your windows leaving no trace and keeping everything safe. Great for single file deletion or in a bundle too without having to dump everything in your trash. Protectstar works as advertised and will never fail to live up to its customer’s expectations.

Why UPS Bhai Cuts The Battery Buying Costs

UPS Bhai is simple and fast, you will be happy to see price differences. That’s an opening line. Let us see what UPS Bhai has in store for all of us. Honestly, if you work a lot like most people this is for you, a click away and most of the shopping is done even when you’re busy running other errands. You won’t have one bad thing to say about UPS Bhai. I must say it is better than all the other sites and let’s hope this company keeps up the amazing work!

Convenient for Everybody

UPS Bhai being on the market has taken down every other site by giving the best they can.  It has helped disabled people who are unable to go shop for themselves at the stores so UPS Bhai is an excellent way to purchase bulk items and your items will be delivered at the right time and sometimes even sooner.  The luminous battery 150ah price is competitive in most sites than on UPS Bhai. Also, I recommend when you would order bulk items from them even if I were able to go to the store. It is very convenient. If you are shopping from other major sites for the sake of brand, we’d suggest you try UPS Bhai for change. Because sometimes the prices on UPS are much better when compared to other sites. So you can easily turn to UPS Bhai and the prices are great with the same delivery service!

One Stop Shop For All Your Needs

You need to start going to UPS Bhai first before any other sites. And you will definitely be thankful to UPS Bhai. The site is great. Simple to find whatever you are searching for. Works every time. So easy to navigate around the site and top up on all the essentials. Took less than 5 mins to place an order for luminous regalia 1530. Done and dusted. Loved the experience. I find the site very convenient and easy to use. That was important to me. Prices are cheaper only because of the quantity. However, that’s to be expected. Delivery was in a timely manner 3-4 day shipping can’t complain oh and I love the fact the formula was cracked from shipping it was boxed inside of a box. This will be my forever go-to site.

Makes Buying Easier

UPS Bhai for making like easy for us who can’t or just don’t want to leave our homes. When it is hard taking a trip to the store which takes more time and energy, one can easily opt to buy on UPS Bhai. I love how the site is easy to navigate, it has everything I need for a new house and also at my office. The shipping is fast and I’ve never received anything damaged. I also like how the site remembers when I once brought luminous rc 18000, so it’s really one-click shopping. Using UPS Bhai for about four years now and I’ve yet to be. I still get the same reliable, speedy service and quality goods.

You will love shopping for batteries and inverters on this site. UPS Bhai has truly become my go-to for my portable ups and more. They provide fast shipping and I also love that they will ship what’s on hand right away and ship the remainder of your order as soon as possible. If you haven’t shopped UPS Bhai- you are missing out!