9 August

Learn Smart not Hard with Extramarks – The Learning App

There are many ways of learning, some students just pick it up from textbooks and classes, but few there are a few concepts or courses that need special attention. Extramarks offers many courses on varying topics. It allows you to take private study into topics quite similar to topics you need to learn to get […]

8 July

Things to Consider Before Buying a UPS Battery Saver

Power backup has become very important these days for most of our work to run smoothly without any kind of interruptions. It is very difficult to even imagine a life without regular power supply. Therefore these days everyone buys a UPS battery saver. But, it is not enough if one simply buys a power backup. […]

1 July

Evolution of Editing Videos and Movies

Let’s kick it back to the days of Kinetograph, an innovative camera. The first ever motion picture was done on film, using this Kinetograph made by Edison and Dickson. It was edited by cutting up pieces of the film that were not required and putting together the other required parts with tape. This invention from […]

28 June

News On The Go

With the coming of the smartphone era, we have most of our lives stored in our phones in the form of apps, videos, and pictures. The fast-paced lives of everyone around the world indicate that they demand services to be quick and efficient. One of these services is the news! News channels and newspapers are […]

28 June

The Working of App Store Optimization Companies

Apps have become an integral part of our lives, we use them from the second we open our eyes to the moment we finally put it away and go to bed. We use them to set alarms, to make grocery bills, for delivery services and to even track the number of steps taken per day; […]

19 June

ProtectStar – Apps That Suit All Your Security Requirements

ProtectStar – Apps That Suit All Your Security Requirements People in any profession sometimes have to send passwords or confidential documents to their colleagues or clients, be it any business, the need for a secure way of communication is very crucial. Sending passwords have not been that easy because of the basic fear factor we all […]

31 May

Why UPS Bhai Cuts The Battery Buying Costs

UPS Bhai is simple and fast, you will be happy to see price differences. That’s an opening line. Let us see what UPS Bhai has in store for all of us. Honestly, if you work a lot like most people this is for you, a click away and most of the shopping is done even […]

18 May

Facts About Secure Notes

I get why note-taking apps like OneNote and Evernote are popular. You can copy paste anything into them, in any order, and they can be organized to a level that would enthrall the most die-hard bureaucrat. iLocker Secure Notes is a little more rigid, but I would not trade it for the world for at […]

13 May

Essential Methods For Driving Traffic On Mobile App

The mobile app economy is evolving at a rapid pace. Forecast reveals a 30 percent growth in mobile app usage in the world, and much of it is from Asian countries. With millions of mobile app being listed on various app store the competition is always on the high among various mobile apps. Marketers are […]

11 May

User’s word about Anti Spy and Secure Notes App

I have used many anti-software applications in the past. But every single one that I’ve tried had some sort of flaw. But this antispy app has truly impressed me. First of all, it is very simple to use and straightforward. There is absolutely nothing complicated about using this app.I have not seen a single pop […]