How Can An Online Supermarket Help You Save Money And Time?

Do you remember the days when you had to make weekly trips to the supermarket to get regular groceries?

However, with the introduction of online grocery apps, people have started buying these essential items online. But is it really worth using these apps? Do they really help you save money and time? Let us try to figure that out in this article. Time to put on your reading glasses. 

The Perks of Using Supermarket Apps:

  1. Constant Discounts & Offers: One of the biggest advantages of using online grocery apps is that they offer constant discounts and offers. In fact, in many cases, they provide free delivery, as well. Many grocery and supermarket apps like Spinneys also have premium versions where, for a small membership fee, you get free delivery on all orders with additional discounts on all products. Isn’t that cool?
  2. Compare Prices: One big way online supermarkets like Talabat help you save is by making it easy to compare prices across different brands and products. When you shop in person, it’s hard to remember how much each item costs at different stores. But online, you can easily sort by price and see all the options side-by-side. This makes it simple to pick the cheapest option for each item on your list.
  3. Sticking To Your Budget: Online supermarkets like Kibsons also make it easier to stick to your budget. Many let you sort items by price or show you a running total as you shop. That way, you can keep track and avoid overspending. Some even block you from checking out if your total goes over your set budget amount. On top of that, online grocers often have more discounts, coupons, and membership deals that traditional stores don’t offer. You can easily find and apply any promotions with just a few clicks.
  4. No Impulse Purchases: Another simple way online grocery shopping helps you save money is by cutting down on impulse purchases. When you roam the aisles of a physical store, it’s easy to throw extra items in your cart that you don’t really need. But online, you only get what’s on your list.
  5. Less Food Waste: Sticking to a list and buying only what you need also helps reduce food waste, which saves you even more money in the long run. The average family throws away hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled food each year. When you shop online, it’s easier to plan your meals and get the exact ingredients you require. You can also check your kitchen before placing your order to avoid buying things you already have.
  6. Save Time and Hassle: Speaking of convenience, online supermarkets eliminate the need to drive to the store, find parking, wait in line at the cash register, load up your car, drive home, and unload all your bags. With online shopping, everything gets delivered right to your door. This saves a ton of time, especially for busy families. You can quickly place an order whenever and wherever is convenient for you. You don’t have to spend hours going aisle by aisle, being slowed down by other shoppers’ carts.
    Many online grocers now offer same-day deliveries within just a couple of hours or the option to schedule your order well in advance. Having that level of flexibility and avoiding errands can free up significant time in your week.
  7. No Need to Carry Heavy Bags: Getting groceries delivered is especially helpful for avoiding the hassle and strain of carrying heavy loads yourself. Lugging multiple bags of items can be difficult for many people, especially those with back issues, older people, or parents with kids in tow. With online ordering, the most strenuous part is walking from your door to retrieve the items once they arrive. The workers who prepare and deliver your order handle all the heavy lifting.


Shopping for groceries online through a supermarket website or app has many potential benefits compared to going to a physical store location. It provides opportunities to save money by price comparing and avoiding impulse buys. It saves time by skipping trips to the store. And it offers greater convenience by having items delivered directly to your home without any heavy carrying required.