19 June, 2019

ProtectStar – Apps That Suit All Your Security Requirements

ProtectStar – Apps That Suit All Your Security Requirements

People in any profession sometimes have to send passwords or confidential documents to their colleagues or clients, be it any business, the need for a secure way of communication is very crucial. Sending passwords have not been that easy because of the basic fear factor we all have. Before all the security apps we’d use email like – the next email from me will contain only the password in the bossy and will have the subject ‘fantasy football draft pics’ method or any other conventional. Protectstar has given a far superior way to send those passwords and confidential information.

What are some best security services does Protecstar provides?

Encrypted Texts and Information

Anyone would really like the ease of use and practicality of not using regular phone messaging that creates long strings of messages that have to be deleted individually when they include a couple that wants to be saved. Protectstar Team has the best app for both Android and iOS devices that suit right for their functions. You find no crashing, no glitches. Once it is set up, the App works as advertised. This app is great! So far from what I’ve experienced from this app, it has been a great tool to be able to message people confidential information. I highly suggest this app to anyone who wants to be able to send messages that are confidential to other people. A lot of us don’t want encrypted messaging applications to “do” or “say” something bad, nor wrong. Be it for anything, Protectstar has it even iOS Data Eraser. You want an application that will allow you to express your thoughts and feelings without fearing someone may misinterpret the communication, Protectstar is that app.

Secret Vault for all your Confidential Stuff

Get the best app to hide and secretly store all your data. Not expensive to upgrade and easier to access now that it allows for the fingerprint to unlock. Overall it’s great and easy to navigate. I love how it allows you to upload things and then delete them from the phone with one click, but you have to remember to remove things from your “recently deleted” folder as well – just a tip. This is an excellent tool to safeguard your photos and videos and whatever that you wish to keep private, also Wipe Mac, shred data, hide data and much more with the help of this app. It is very easy to use and effective.

Protectstar gives the best app to store my credit cards and my site passwords. I discovered I could do both with this password-protected app. Very easy to use and private. A great place to keep important papers and numbers I need quick access to.

Shredder to Wipe it All Off

We all have wondered how to Securely Erase a Mac. Protectstar offers the best app to easily erase and shred all the sensitive data that you don’t want. It is easy to use and setup. Protectstar does an excellent job of removing securely any file that you feed it. It runs smoothly and disposes of file quicker than “secure empty” in Finder. It simply works as advertised and I would recommend. It removes files quickly and completely in a very secure manner. The proof is in running a file retrieval program afterward to see if they really were removed. Protectstar is a nice little shredder program performs the job well.

Protectstar is easy to use and works well. Does what it says it will and gets out of your way. Protectstar has the best software for computers too, the Windows File Shredder helps to clean your windows leaving no trace and keeping everything safe. Great for single file deletion or in a bundle too without having to dump everything in your trash. Protectstar works as advertised and will never fail to live up to its customer’s expectations.