May 11, 2019

User’s word about Anti Spy and Secure Notes App

By dotorgpower

I have used many anti-software applications in the past. But every single one that I’ve tried had some sort of flaw. But this antispy app has truly impressed me. First of all, it is very simple to use and straightforward. There is absolutely nothing complicated about using this app.I have not seen a single pop up nor an option for an in-app purchase. And the best part I think is that there are no advertisements for anything. None of those annoying pop-ups. None of those ads that stay on your phone throughout the entire application. It is 100% advertisement free. In a nutshell, this is the only antivirus app that not only has your best interests at heart, but is also flawless. I’m definitely sharing this app with everyone. Great job developers. Great job indeed.

I have been using this secure note app for three years, and it is by far the most useful app on all my devices. I’ve always thought I should keep a daily journal, but never did because it was too much trouble to write things down and try to keep track of where the journal was. This app is a perfect solution. It’s on my iPad, my iphone,…and syncs across all platforms. The last thing I do each night before I go to sleep is make an entry for that day, and add a photo or two that I may have taken during the day. I can export the whole journal to a .pdf file in my Dropbox that could be printed, including the photos. It has a search function that will find all entries that include the word(s) you enter, which has been very helpful on numerous occasions as I’ve tried to remember when I did something, or met someone, etc. And perhaps one of the best things about the app is their customer support. As with any secure note app, there are times when things don’t work quite right, or I have a question about how to do something. ProtectStar customer support team has responded quickly each and every time with an answer or software update to fix the problem. Yes, I love this app. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to keep a daily notes.

I must say it’s been a good 2yrs on this spy anti app…my main issue with most tech products nowadays is that they get antiquated after a few years and they degrade very fast after that. However Anti Spy & Spyware Scanner has been great. Absolutely no worries, only gripe is that it doesn’t work with iOS. Hope we will get very soon for iOS as well similar to antispyware android .

“I have been searching for the safe notes app for many years. I tried them all, Evernote, Simple Note, Workflowy, Bear Notes, Apples Notes, OneNote, Google Keep and so on. All of them had a critical flaw that would prevent me from using it long term and the search continued. I narrowed down my five priorities for what I wanted to see from a note taking service:
– End to end encryption (my privacy is important to me and I didn’t want another product taking advantage of me or my data)
– Easy to create and write notes on mobile and desktop devices (you’d be surprised how awful some apps are at writing notes within their app, particularly on mobile)
– Easy to tag and organize my notes (I don’t want to manage a complex organizational structure, I just want to tag a note and continue writing)
– Cross platform support (I work on macOS, iOS,Android  & ipad on a regular basis and want my notes to be where I work)
– Markdown support (I write a lot of markdown files and having live markdown preview is a necessity).

As soon as I came across iLocker secure note app and started using it, I knew I had finally found the right product for me. Having a privacy focused application since 2018 is something of a rarity, and I hope this trend gains momentum. This is a product that I not only enjoy using, but also feel safe using as I know the developers do not have alternative motives or uses for my data. The developers are just focused on making a fantastic and secure product.

I highly recommend opting for the paid version to enable “”Extensions”” as it adds much more functionality to the product without it becoming bloated with always on features. Extensions are where this product shine and they are adding new extensions all the time.

Overall, I am super impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a secure and easy note taking application.” Thank You Protect Star.