Evolution of Editing Videos and Movies

Let’s kick it back to the days of Kinetograph, an innovative camera. The first ever motion picture was done on film, using this Kinetograph made by Edison and Dickson. It was edited by cutting up pieces of the film that were not required and putting together the other required parts with tape. This invention from Edison’s lab was used to capture things like natural calamities, news events, people and other generic things. Since then, things slowly started changing – then came colour film, editing machines, computers, movies and sitcoms, The Oscars and lastly, smartphones and apps. Today, we live in an era with digital cameras, printers and editing software that we can get a hold of very easily. In this article, we shall go through the different ways everyone is editing content using video makers and editors. 

With so many video making and editing software available online, the Internet has so much to offer for someone interested in making short montages, clips and even movies. Gone are the times when you would require a bulky video camera to do that! We have smartphones and digital cameras to make that easy for us. With smartphones in the picture, it means an endless list of video maker and editing apps on the app market. All you need to do is search for the word ‘video maker’ and you get over 300 results that have so many features. To give you an idea of what these apps are like, you can make videos and clips of pictures from your gallery, select your choice of music to play in the background, add a few lines of text, determine the length of the video and take control of the special effects you want to add to spice up your video. You can even easily share these videos to your social media or even your stories and status on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook! It totally eliminates the need for a computer and having to wait for the video to transfer from one device to another. 

If you’re someone who can’t wrap your head around editing software, video maker apps are the way to go! With many features, you will never get tired of making videos and sharing them with your friends. If you think about it, it’s also the perfect way to make posts for birthdays, anniversaries or to just showcase your recent trip!