News On The Go

With the coming of the smartphone era, we have most of our lives stored in our phones in the form of apps, videos, and pictures. The fast-paced lives of everyone around the world indicate that they demand services to be quick and efficient. One of these services is the news! News channels and newspapers are now slowly stepping into the digital world, making their own news apps with an endless amount of content, prepared to keep any kind of audience engaged. Not to mention that this is a great way for news companies to reach out and expand their audience, across seas and in various countries. 

An ideal news app would be one that covers trending news in every category, from fashion to politics and even sports and weather. There should be endless categories in a few different languages in order to be welcoming to different audiences. Getting back to how busy everyone is in today’s world, news apps are also shortening every article to about 50-70 words.  Another exciting feature that we’ve lately been noticing in some of the popular news apps are introducing news in the form of audio and video. So for everyone making excuses to read the news, now you can listen to it or even watch it! News apps with such features are perfect for anyone – students, parents, teachers, engineers, and the list is endless. In a world where we can share anything with a click of a button, news companies have also started to add sharing features to their apps. All of us can find time to use such a useful news app to catch up with the latest happenings, trends, and affairs happening around us. 


One such app that I came across recently, that also perfectly fits this description is Shortpedia! As the name suggests, it is a news app that displays all the latest and trending news across categories, in a summarised manner. Available on for both, iOS and Android, it has a wide range of categories in Hindi and English to choose from. This is great because they can reach to a huge audience that speaks both the languages or just one of them. Along with the audio and video news feature, the best part about this app is that each news article is just 70 words! Trending subjects, business news and political affairs are all so easy to share with friends with just a click of a button. 


Once again, technology has outdone itself and our excuses to not read the news have officially come to an end. It is time to get updated the easy way, with news apps such as Shortpedia!