23 September, 2019

Why do we need ASO companies?

 Along this journey of digitalization, apps have been able to do everything for us. With close to 5000 new apps releasing each day, the app market sees a variety of apps that satisfy all kinds of needs there are! Craving something sweet but don’t feel like going all the way to the restaurant? There are food delivery apps for that! Need to send money to your relatives all the way across the world? There are money transfer apps for that, too! The app market has a bizarre side to it as well, where one can find apps that translate babies’ cries and even ones that detect ghosts lurking in your homes. In total, there are 5 million apps on the market and that just means 5 million opportunities for app store optimization companies to cease! 

Now, you might be wondering – what does this have to do with any app store optimization company? Imagine if you had a unique idea for an app and went ahead and created it, too. After putting in a lot of hours on making a beautiful UI and making sure it functions seamlessly, wouldn’t you want more downloads and better rankings for your app? Making your app available and free on the market just isn’t enough to attract more downloads. You need your app to be visible, discoverable and ranking high for potential users to download your app. And that’s exactly where app store optimization companies come into play! They help you target the right audience and bring them over to your app. This can lead to an increase in organic downloads, better rankings and overall satisfied users. 

Before any further questions, let us go through some of the major advantages ASO brings to every app it touches: 

  1. High rankings: app store optimization services can help an app developer improve his rankings by optimizing keywords, visuals and other factors. This draws more users to the app and puts it high on the charts. 
  2. Increased downloads: after optimizing your keywords, your app becomes more visible to potential users! This leads to more and more downloads that are brought in, organically. 
  3. Eliminate competition: in order to stand out in a crowd of apps similar to yours, your app needs to be optimized. An app store optimization company can provide you with many services that help you steer clear of your competitors. 
  4. Profits: you will definitely see your profit slowly increasing as your app brings in more and more downloads each day with ASO. 
  5. Visibility and discoverability: finally, the most important benefit you can reap from ASO services is of increased visibility and discoverability. This means that people are highly likely to see your app before other competing apps, making yours the first to download.

In conclusion, ASO aims to bring organic users to your app. In other words – it brings the right users to the right app. By doing so, the app not only performs well but it also becomes more discoverable to more such users. You might’ve read this numerous times but it is important to remember that ASO does not occur overnight. It requires a little time, a lot of patience and attention as it is not a “one-time effort”! Although app store optimization requires a bit of time to kick-off, once it does you can see drastic changes almost every day. So, what are you waiting for? The time to optimize your app is now!