Marketing Your App in the Digital Era

After successfully completing all the stages of app development, its time to move on to app marketing! With just a few tactics and strategies properly implemented, app marketing can multiply the downloads and engagement of an app, ten times over in a short span of time. Mobile businesses and entrepreneurs rely on app marketing to stay on top of their game in the app market, to attract more customers and maximum discoverability. In this piece, we’re going to cover a few of these app marketing strategies used by many app marketing companies and app promotion sites that have been used to change the way apps are seen by potential users.  

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Now that we know that great functionality paired with a great app idea is not enough, how can we go about to market the app? To do so, it is important to understand the strategies behind marketing apps, which are used by many app promotion sites and companies these days. We’ve gathered the four most popular ones here! 

  1. App store optimization (ASO): used to increase visibility, ASO happens to be the most effective means of app marketing. With the help of keywords and other strategies, ASO helps you optimize various features of your app in order to make it more welcoming to potential users. The various features include – title, description, subtitle and more. They also optimize app visuals such as screenshots, demo video and icon. ASO can help a developer choose the best captions for his app and localization, too, which are very important for better app discoverability. This strategy has a long list of advantages, all directed towards better user retention and increased users.  
  2. Researching the market and competitors: one of the most crucial steps to marketing anything is to know your audience and competitors. With regard to your audience, you can find out what they like, dislike, what they engage with the most, their sentiments towards certain things and how they respond to prompts. Other findings in market research are related to how you can categorize your audience, whether it is based on their hobbies, lifestyle, interests, occupation or education level. This can help app’s make more relevant content to get their audience to engage with them. Now coming to researching competitors – it is a great way to see what they offer, how well they perform, what marketing strategies have worked for them and why they are popular. This, not only helps you gain your competitor’s users and retain your own but can also help you stay ahead of them. 
  3. Make your app visible everywhere: Google says that your app will reap more downloads when people see it more often on the app market or on the Internet.  Advertisements, SEO, and ASO help your app with its visibility. But another way to take this strategy forward is by using content marketing! Content marketing is another way to draw users to your app by publishing content about your app via blogs, articles and YouTube videos. 
  4. Social media: the use of all social media platforms rises each year and would definitely be a wasted marketing opportunity if not used properly! Social media like Facebook and Twitter has helped many app-based businesses and companies to expand their customer base, direct them to their apps and also, to communicate with them and solve issues. Social media can also be a great platform to release teasers and other exciting content to get your audience prepared for what you have coming for them. Now, to get a little more technical with it, social media also contains huge masses of data related to users’ interests, likes, and dislikes. This information can help businesses make more targeted content and advertisement to gain better engagement from their following. 

It is possible for an app to face some issues with visibility and growth, from time to time and that is completely normal! We’ve noticed that one way to combat these problems is by using app marketing, which is practiced by so many app promotion sites and companies. App marketing can overcome many issues faced by apps if it uses updated strategies and keeps changing along with the dynamic market around it.